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  • Lessons from Ike: Strengthening the Uplift Load Path

  • New Jersey Court Strikes Down "Open Space" Set-Asides

  • Practice of Lighting Design Threatened by Texas House Bill 2649

    An urgent news release issued by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) sent late Tuesday evening alerts its members that the Texas Legislature is scheduled to vote today on Texas House Bill 2649. The proposed legislation relates to the regulation and practice of engineering and...

  • NAHMA Launches New Mapping Program

    The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) has partnered with to launch NAHMA Maps, a Web-based mapping tool.

  • FEMA Takes Heat Over Ike

  • News

    IRC adopts residential-sprinkler requirement; Long Island town imposes energy-efficiency standards; new homes shrinking; more

  • IES Merges Mid-Hudson Section into New York City Section

    The IES announces the merger of the Mid-Hudson Section into the IESNYC.

  • IALD Education Trust Fund Ad Auction

    ARCHITECT and ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING have donated ad space to benefit the IALD Education Trust Fund.

  • IALD Education Trust Fund Ad Auction

    CBTD Extention Passes Congress as Part of the Economic Stabilization Act

  • IALD Education Trust Fund Ad Page Auction