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  • Plywood vs. OSB

    Are these two products really equivalent, as manufacturers and grading agencies claim? A wood technologist puts to rest questions about OSB’s suitability as an economical substitute for plywood.

  • Eight-Penny News

    New low-density spray foam insulation, ADA seminars offered, buying lumber on the Internet

  • Q&A: Gaps Between Sheathing Panels

    Q: Most sheathing manufacturers recommend that panels be spaced at the edges and ends. Since panels measure a full 4x8 feet, the only way I’ve been able to provide this spacing (and maintain standard joist and stud layout) is by trimming the ends and edges of the sheathing panels. Why don’t...

  • Builder's Library: A Plan for Success

    Kit for writing a business plan

  • Q&A: Truss Uplift Solutions

    Q: What would cause the sole plate of a nonbearing partition wall to pull away from the subfloor? The wall is nailed into roof trusses where they cross it above. There is no sag in the floor system below.

  • Letters

    Duct cleaning can help, housewrap prevents rot, pneumatic impact wrenches

  • Presentation Drawings for Design-Build

    Selling professional design services requires more than an ability to sketch floor plans. An experienced design-builder offers advice on how to use quality perspective drawings and textured elevations to sell jobs.

  • Q&A: Air Nail Holding Power

    Q: Do the coatings on power-driven "gun nails" hold as well in the wood as a common nail driven by hand?

  • Kitchen & Bath: Lighting a Bathroom Mirror

    Lighting a bathroom mirror

  • Letters

    Wood I-joist maker opposes APA standard, preventing ice dams at skylights