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  • Letters

    Crawlspace Mold ~ Drainage vs. Drying

  • On the Job

    A weathertight basement door; matching asbestos siding

  • Does Drenched Insulation Dry Out

    Q: A winter's worth of rain fell on a large hillside home we're building before we could complete the roof. Though we tarped the project, rainwater seeped through the first-floor decking and into the floor framing of a basement wine cellar. I suspect that

  • Installing a ScapeWel

    This oversized window well adds emergency egress, light, and ventilation to basement living spaces.

  • Preventing Condensation Under Basement Flooring

    Q: My clients want to use as living space the new walkout basement of an addition I'm building for them, but they're concerned about potential moisture-related problems with the planned carpet flooring. I've proposed installing a layer of rigid EPS foam f

  • Letters

    Dangers of oily rags; home-inspector standards; FEMA flood insurance; efficiency exchange; OSHA compliance

  • Is Drywall Needed With Spray-Foam Basement Insulation?

    Q. Is Drywall Needed With Spray-Foam Basement Insulation? When the interior walls of an unfinished basement have been insulated with Icynene (or a similar spray-foam insulation), can the foam be left exposed, or does it have to be covered by a noncombustible material?

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    Lift-and-Slide Doors ~ Crawlspace Mold

  • Products

    Basement finishing; brick & masonry; hvac grilles & registers

  • Letters

    Radon check; backfill pressure; Spanish lessons; mold precautions; source for rising hinges; more