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    Dangers of oily rags; home-inspector standards; FEMA flood insurance; efficiency exchange; OSHA compliance

  • Is Drywall Needed With Spray-Foam Basement Insulation?

    Q. Is Drywall Needed With Spray-Foam Basement Insulation? When the interior walls of an unfinished basement have been insulated with Icynene (or a similar spray-foam insulation), can the foam be left exposed, or does it have to be covered by a noncombustible material?

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    Lift-and-Slide Doors ~ Crawlspace Mold

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    Basement finishing; brick & masonry; hvac grilles & registers

  • Letters

    Radon check; backfill pressure; Spanish lessons; mold precautions; source for rising hinges; more

  • Stare-Worthy Handrail

    The meticulously restored exterior of this late-19th-century mansard-roofed Victorian home in Cambridge, Mass., gives no clue to the presence of a beautifully crafted and surprisingly whimsical central staircase within.

  • Foolproof Cure for Wet Basements

    Skip the exterior excavation and waterproofing -- an interior perimeter drainage system can work just as well.

  • In the News

    New tax break takes shape; top-dollar tarps in New Orleans; unvented crawlspace design guide; 2005 Solar Decathlon; more

  • Drywall Art

    Layering drywall is a simple way to dress up an otherwise boring surface.

  • LVLs Rotting in Crawlspaces

    Q. Many homes in the Dallas area are built on crawlspaces and use LVL beams. Most of these homes have dirt floors but are built to code with regard to crawlspace ventilation. In many cases, I'm finding that the engineered wood is rotting at the point wher