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  • An Invisible Tile Access Panel

    Installing and tiling a whirlpool tub often means undoing someone else's work. A veteran tile contractor tells how he copes with sequence problems and provides future access to the pump.

  • Toolbox

    Tool-toting nylon vest, plus table saw tuneup, levels, and truck gear

  • Q&A: Various Reinforcing Mud-Bed Tile Floors

    Q. What's the right type of mesh to use in a mud-bed tile floor? Should I use a self-furring lath (like the type used in stucco work) so that it centers itself in the mud?

  • Q&A: Placing Wall Receptacles

    Q. An old house I'm working on has too few wall outlets to meet code. What are the rules for spacing and positioning of new outlets? Can I place them in the baseboard trim?

  • Floating a Mud Bed for Ceramic Tile

    When it comes to flattening an old, irregular floor, there's still nothing like mud.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Under-counter appliances

    Under-counter appliances

  • Problem-Solving Cabinets

    Besides providing storage and organization, manufactured cabinets are enhancing the appearance of every room in the house.

  • Q&A: Grout or Caulk?

    Q. When installing a mortar-bed shower floor, should the gap between the drain and the adjacent tiles be finished with grout or with caulk?

  • Products

    Bifold doors, pocket protector tool sheath, elastomeric masonry coatings, removable duct tape, more

  • Cleaning Up After the Storm

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Fran, this North Carolina builder gained experience in insurance work — and helped his community rebuild.