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More stories about Benchmarks

  • Bosch 30-inch Benchmark Convection Wall Oven

    The Benchmark convection wall oven includes optional side-opening doors, dampened hinges, a built-in meat thermometer, and an “EcoChef” feature that saves energy.

  • Rammed-Earth Construction in the Modern Age

    Rammed-earth walls used to be elementary.

  • GSE Rates Rise Dramatically as the Benchmark Climbs

    All-in rates on 10-year loans from the GSEs have risen 60 to 70 basis points in the past six weeks, which will likely have a big impact on cap rates, and the acquisition market in general, heading into 2011.

  • GSE Debt Gets Pricier as the Benchmark Climbs

    The rising yield on the 10-year Treasury note has sent debt prices from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac above the 6 percent mark.

  • Writing a Best-Practice Manual

    Using a standardized set of procedures speeds installation and reduces callbacks.

  • MARI Me

    Resident screening provider First Advantage Safe Rent released its Multifamily Applicant Risk Index (MARI) in the fall, a statistical model that property managers can use to benchmark the credit histories of their rental applicants.

  • Steady As She Goes

    While predicting interest-rate movement is always a dicey proposition, 2007 appears particularly perplexing for real estate economists and other professionals trying to get a handle on the future direction of multifamily mortgage rates.

  • Builder's Guide to Vinyl Siding

    Though manufacturers are improving the appearance of vinyl siding and making claims of greater durability, builders must choose the right product and install it carefully. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Products

    Double-bevel compound miter saw, graded glulams, all-in-one surge protector for the panel, versatile cable stripper

  • Toolbox: Jigsaw Innovations