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  • Nothing but Net

    Judging a company's profitability based on gross profit can be misleading. Your bottom line numbers are a better indicator of performance. Here's why.

  • Pricing Handyman Work

    It may surprise you to find out that you're not in business to exercise your skill as a craftsman, to get a sense of pride from a job well-done, or to enjoy a sense of freedom by being your own boss. As good as those benefits are, they're by-products, not the purpose itself.

  • Management by Meeting

    After years of trial and error (mostly error), I've become a firm believer in management by meetings. Whether I like it or not, my primary job as company owner is overseeing meetings.

  • Business

    Curb insurance costs with a health savings account; handyman's choice: generalization or specialization?

  • When Employees Leave for Military Service

    At the end of their military service, people who are honorably discharged are entitled to return to work, even when an absence spans up to five years.

  • Business

    Managing cash flow, deciding to be competitive, employee benefits

  • In the News

    Wormdrive clarification, deck ledger connections, shredded framing, on-site septic

  • Providing Employee Benefits

    The owner of a remodeling business tells how the company institutes and manages benefits to attract and keep quality employees.

  • Strictly Business: Choosing to Grow

    Choosing to grow

  • Legal Adviser: What Does Your Insurance Cover?

    Check your insurance coverage before the crisis hits