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    When you hire your spouse

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    In the rush to get ready for April 15th, don’t forget these deductions.

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    In a tight labor market, offering a profit-sharing plan will increase employee loyalty, and may tip the scales for a prospective hire. A New Jersey builder tells how he researched and selected the plan that works for him.

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  • Notebook

    New efficiency program guarantees energy costs, AGC adopts pay-if-paid contracts, IBC to replace existing model codes, over-the-counter “green” materials, vent-free fire-place cautions, self-insured medical plans, new pressure-treated wood classifications

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    Q: We asked a dozen builders and remodelers across the country about their experiences in starting and growing their businesses. Here is their wisdom, gleaned from the school of hard knocks, on everything from hiring and delegating to estimating and charging for design.

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