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  • Construction Best Practices Manual

    Portland- and Seattle-based contractor Hammer & Hand provides construction best practices for high-performance building.

  • Court Upholds Homebuilder's Suit for Asbestos-Laced Drywall Mud

    A divided California appeals court upheld an award of $18 million in punitive damages for a homebuilder who claimed he contracted mesothelioma from breathing drywall dust.

  • A Fight for Skilled Labor

    Construction workers are in short supply in oil boom states where they can make more by working for oil companies.

  • According to OSHA, Brett Collins' Life Was Worth $2,363

    The family of a worker who died on a construction site say the fine that OSHA imposed was too small. Now they're urging the state legislature to make sure the next guy's life does not come so cheap.

  • Why Germany is So Much Better at Training its Workers

    While 9.3 million Americans remain unemployed, there exist 4.8 million jobs standing empty because employers can't find the skilled people to fill them.

  • Soft-Story Buildings Slapped with Quake-Safety Warning Tags

    "Public shaming" or "consumer pressure"? Property owners have 30 days after an warning tag is posted on a building to comply with San Francisco's earthquake retrofit law.

  • What We've Got Here is Failure to Manage Moisture

    Shea Homes faces a lawsuit that claims the homebuilder inadequately built for wet weather.

  • Zeroing In on Net Zero

    Dr. Joe shares what Building Science Corp. has learned about building net zero homes.

  • Tell Us About Your Favorite Hand Tools

    Latest Tools of the Trade survey: What are your favorite brands for tape measures, screwdrivers, lineman's pliers and the like?

  • Useful Apps: Fraction Plus

    A convenient way to add fractions and convert to decimal equivalents.