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  • John F. Bos

    Principal of Bos Lighting Design in Houston, Texas, his professional experience has encompassed many aspects of design from architectural lighting design to theatrical scenery and lighting to industrial design to theatrical consultation.

  • William Lam, FIALD

    Architectural Lighting

  • James Nuckolls

    James L. Nuckolls occupies a singular place in the history of architectural lighting. Though a lighting designer of note, his greatest impact was as an educator. He took the message of the importance of lighting as an integral component of architecture and interior design across the U.S. to those...

  • David DiLaura

    I don't know where the next generation of lighting instructors is coming from,' said University of Colorado's David DiLaura, who is currently the senior instructor in the department of civil, environmental and architectural engineering. 'The industry is going to get caught short in five years as...

  • William Lam

    Near the end of his career, but not yet retired, Bill Lam, in his own words, is still eager to meet the challenge of another project. But he is more than satisfied at what he's already accomplished. And his achievements are many. 'In looking back over my life, I think I've done some good design,'...

  • specification insights

    presented at the s fifth annual education conference in Alexandria, Virginia, last October, and sent to IALD members in December, the 2005 Edition of Guidelines for Specification Integrity, a joint venture with the Lighting Industry Resource Council, is only the second time such a document has been...

  • Drop-In LED Replacement Lamps

    The BSD1890 and BSD1888 passenger reading replacement lamps for incandescent and halogen are used for 28V reading-light fixtures in airplane cabins, passenger trains, and coach buses. They are energy-efficient with a long life and are available in 9 millimeter and 15 millimeter single-contact...

  • Derek phillips

    Derek Phillips is credited with being the first lighting designer in the UK to jump from architecture to the illuminating life. Not only is Phillips the first independent lighting designer in the UK, he is also a founding member of the IALD in the UK, thus effectively making the organization truly...

  • New NECA Book

    Recommended Practice for Commissioning Building Electrical Systems' is the newest publication from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), and executive director for standards and safety, Brooke Staugger points out the book is a bit of a departure for the organization.

  • HessAmerica Project Photography Book

    has released a book of notable lighting installations it has completed in the United States providing designers with a new visual tool for project development. A free copy of the book can be ordered from the company's website at