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  • Success With Traditional Trim

    Window details like profiled stools and aprons with applied moldings have helped this builder find a profitable niche.

  • Adding Timber Rafter Tails To a Stick-Framed Roof

    A good plan and shop-made parts simplify this classy detail.

  • Drywall Art

    Layering drywall is a simple way to dress up an otherwise boring surface.

  • Habla Espanol?

    The ability to communicate in Spanish could become your most valuable job-site tool.

  • Letters

    Fire sprinklers; hidden vent holes; handyman contracts; ice advice; more

  • Fast Closets With Melamine

    Dadoes and pocket screws make strong, tight joints, while pre-edged material saves labor.

  • WIP Your Company Into Shape

    How often has this happened to you: After what looks like a really good month, you go out and buy an expensive piece of equipment, like a truck. Then the following month is a really bad one, and you wish you hadn't.

  • Resources: Plain-Language Shear Wall Guide

    Shear wall guide for carpenters

  • Sexual Harassment Liability Extends to Subs

    Okay, here's the situation: You've hired a female carpenter, and while your guys are cool, she's having trouble with the suppliers and the subs. Could you be in trouble if you don't do something about that?

  • Using Cost Books for Estimating

    As moderator of the estimating forum at, I'm often asked if cost books are a reliable way to get cost figures to use for estimating. There are many cost books available, updated yearly, by RS Means, Craftsman, BNI, Saylor's, HomeTech, and others.