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  • Want to Make a Successful YouTube Video?

    Many popular videos produced by small  businesses and entrepreneurs typically have some or all of the following  traits and production elements.

  • Pickup Truck Sales Confirm Small Business Confidence

    ConvergEx Group chief market strategist Nick Colas says sales of pickup trucks point to a mending U.S. economy.

  • Tearing Apart a Laser (For No Good Reason at All)

    Dave Frane disassembles a laser level and puts it back together again, because he wants to.

  • A Trip To The Screwdriver Factory

    Dave Frane took a trip to the Klein Tool factory where they make the screwdrivers. Here's his multi-media web report at Tools of the Trade.

  • An Oat-Powered Table Saw

    This is no bull, folks. Here's a one-horsepower table saw, powered by—literally—one horse. Imagine what you could do with two horses! Via Dave Frane at Tools of the Trade.

  • Readers Comment on Decks, Joist Spans, and Faux Stone

    Reader comments and author replies on "Strong, Safe Decks (Sep/13), continuous joists (Q&A, Oct/13), and stone veneer (Sep/13).

  • Standard Writing Groups Sue In Copyright Claim

    Federal courts have ruled that building codes, once adopted into law, can’t be copyrighted. A new lawsuit will test whether that principle also allows free re-publishing of ASTM standards and similar industry-created consensus-based rules.

  • Book: 'ReThinking a Lot'

    Parking lots are a typology on the verge of transformation, says author Eran Ben-Joseph.

  • Comparing Cloud-Based Apps: CompuTool and

    The type of company you operate and the kind of work you do should guide your choice of cloud-based applications and services.

  • Hanging Heavy Doors

    As the punch-list guy for a high-end builder in Osterville, Mass., I end up installing plenty of top-quality solid-core doors. These doors are at least 1 3/4 inches thick and weigh 100 pounds or more, so I have to work smart.