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More stories about Books

  • Report from Greenbuild

    greenbuild , the annual international conference and expo organized by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) was held this November in Atlanta. Attended this year by nearly 12,000 people (up 3,000 from last year), Greenbuild attracts a larger audience every year. Keynote speakers included...

  • A Trio of Titles for the Bookshelf

    Rarely does a trio of titles come along that speaks so directly to both lighting designers and architects. Important additions to one's design library, these volumes are not to be missed.

  • Hanging A Door From Scratch

    With a router, a hinge template, and a few other specialized tools, custom doors are almost as easy to fit as prehungs.

  • Letters

    Attic temperatures and asphalt shingles; cynicism vs. basic economics; when employees compete

  • Making Curved Crown

    Use this layout technique to make radiused crown on site.

  • Tool Test: Pneumatic Cap Nailers

    Look for an easy-to-load magazine and a trouble-free feed system.

  • Trimming a Houseful of Windows Production Style

    Making parts and preassembling them in the shop cuts days off the trim schedule.

  • Decorative Shingling

    Distinguish your sidewall work with this easy-to-build diamond design

  • On the Job

    Roof-pitch jig; lumber-hanging trick; skyhooked

  • Installing an Over-the-Post Handrail - Part II

    Loose-fitting dowels and five-minute epoxy allow fine adjustments in the assembly.