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More stories about Brake

  • Replacing a Wooden Gutter

    A bowed, sagging wall complicated this custom repair.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Break

    Aluminum fabricators who fly solo might appreciate the Ultima Plus Alum-A-Brake, which has a removable work table that pops off in five seconds, lightening the load by 20 pounds.

  • Heavy-Duty Metal Cutter

    Kett recently upgraded its AN3000 nibbler.

  • Alum-A-Pole Alum-A-Brake Ultima Plus Bending Brake

    Shape aluminum and vinyl coil stock with the Alum-A-Brake Ultima Plus bending brake.

  • Lions Park

    Little League baseball is alive and well in Greensboro, Ala., thanks in part to five thesis students who developed a new master plan for the town's 40- acre Lions Park.

  • Rod Chomper RCBE-6

    Trade professionals often talk about 'the right tool for the job.' When it comes to cutting and bending rebar, Rod Chomper's hydraulically operated RCBE-6 is that tool.

  • Flashing a Chimney With Soldered Copper

    Traditional methods and materials prevent leaks for the life of the structure.

  • Still Grinding After 200 Years

    Andy Shrake fixes windmills. Not the newfangled kilowatt-generating type, but the all-wood grain-grinding beauties built some 200 years ago. With 14 still standing on Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island, repairing them is a full-time job.

  • Simple Sill Pans

    You already flash around doors and windows; you should be flashing under them, too.

  • Building an Arched Passageway

    This straightforward approach combines basic shop methods with simple site joinery to create an elegant frame-and-panel archway.