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  • Replacing Doors In Stucco

    Cut carefully to preserve the building paper, and hide the missing stucco with rotproof trim.

  • Backfill

    Canadian students hit the slopes — hard — with concrete toboggans

  • Tool Test: Sidewinder Circ Saws

    A longtime custom framer evaluates eight 7 1/4-inch saws and chooses his favorites.

  • Subtle Soffit Vent

    We pay as much attention to the quality of our exterior trim as we do the interior trim on the upscale houses we build, so we don't want to see ugly strip vents or round metal button vents messing up the soffits.

  • Installing Metal Shingles

    There's more to metal roofing than standing seam and ag panels. An experienced remodeler provides an overview of roofing with aluminum shingles.

  • Q&A: Various Wall Flashing for Exterior Chimneys

    Q. What's the right way to flash an exterior masonry chimney to the wall of the house?

  • Toolbox

    Senco screw gun, Milwaukee metal-cutting saw, siding tools, cold weather gear

  • Backfill: Slate Is Final

    Siding with slate

  • 10-Inch Portable Table Saws

    The newest 10-inch job-site table saws combine the rip capacity of contractor models with the portability of 81/4-inch machines. JLC compares seven models.

  • Souping Up a Tow-Behind, Remodeler's Style

    Besides providing extra workspace and valuable job-site storage, a trailer is also a traveling advertisement for your company.