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  • Leakproof Flashings for Masonry Chimneys

    Don’t take the easy way out when retrofitting flashing to an existing chimney. This proven technique from a veteran roofer locks the flashing in place for a watertight seal.

  • Fireplace Hearth Details

    A mason lays out the basics of hearth construction, from code compliance to placing the concrete.

  • Brick Veneer Basics

    Brick veneer lasts longer and requires less maintenance than other siding materials. A Midwestern masonry contractor describes installation techniques.

  • Reviving the Rumford

    A mason explains what makes the Rumford such an efficient fireplace and tells how to build one.

  • Q&A: Best Materials for Poolside Deck

    Q: What is the best decking material to use around pools? We have used CCA-treated southern pine, but this splinters within five years. We have also looked into plastic decking and commercial roof-top membranes. Both would put us over budget.

  • Prefab Masonry Fireplaces

    A mason describes how a new breed of hybrid fireplaces delivers the quality of a traditional masonry unit at one-third the cost.

  • Troubleshooting Retaining Walls

    Cracked, leaning, or bulging retaining walls are a common sight. An engineer tells what causes these problems and how to prevent them.

  • Q&A: Rot at Exterior Windows

    Q: We often encounter rot at the ends of window jambs and exterior casings that abut sloping wood sills. What is the best way to detail this connection?

  • Flashing a Chimney the Right Way

    A chimney specialist shows how to install flashing that will prevent leaks for the life of the chimney.

  • Restoration Primer: Brick Mortar Joints Raise Questions