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  • New Home Sales Hit Five-Year High

    Sales of new homes reached a 476,000 annual pace in May, the Commerce Department reported.

  • When Can I Throw Away My ...

    From a March 2013 discussion about business tools that are becoming obsolete

  • Social Skills

    The hottest marketing tools out there are in social media. Think of it as word-of-mouth on steroids.

  • Offcuts

    A new home in Dillingham, Alaska, has set a world record for the tightest residential structure ever built.

  • Getting Into Insurance Work

    Is insurance restoration a good fit for your remodeling business?

  • Nasty Business

    This letter to the editor takes exception to Dennis Dixon's column "Getting Paid for Preconstruction Advice"

  • Preconstruction Agreement

    A contractor describes his "Estimating & Design Proposal"

  • The Paperless Office

    Storing documents in digital form saves time, money, and space

  • The 10-Minute Profit Check

    Checking weekly that actual expenses are in line with the estimate alerts you to overruns

  • Construction Consulting Agreement

    Having a preconstruction agreement allows you to get paid for your consulting time and expertise even when clients choose not to hire you for the project