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  • Getting Started as an Insurance Adjuster

    When a hurricane or other natural disaster strikes, CAT-adjusters go to work, assessing damage for insurance companies. Contractors looking for a job that takes their stiff joints and aching back off the jobsite might consider using their experience in construction as a licensed adjuster.

  • Requirements for Filing a Lien

    Attorney Patrick Barthet clarifies the requirements for filing a mechanic's lien based on a recent court case.

  • Building a Unit Price

    The foundation of every computerized estimating system is its database of unit prices, but how do you begin to build a price? George Weissgerber outlines the process from start to finish.

  • Making the Transition From Field to Office

    Experts Melanie Hodgdon and Tim Faller offer tips on how to make this transition as smoothly and effectively as possible.

  • Stick-Estimate Worksheet

    A straightforward spreadsheet can be used for a single task or as a building-block for a unit-pricing database

  • Production Demolition Comes to Detroit

    A nonprofit intends to do for demolition what an earlier generation did for production building

  • Lumber Price Plunge Puzzles Pundits

    Market watchers are wondering why lumber prices have dropped, just as homebuilding gets hot.

  • New Home Sales Hit Five-Year High

    Sales of new homes reached a 476,000 annual pace in May, the Commerce Department reported.

  • When Can I Throw Away My ...

    From a March 2013 discussion about business tools that are becoming obsolete

  • Social Skills

    The hottest marketing tools out there are in social media. Think of it as word-of-mouth on steroids.