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  • Nasty Business

    This letter to the editor takes exception to Dennis Dixon's column "Getting Paid for Preconstruction Advice"

  • Preconstruction Agreement

    A contractor describes his "Estimating & Design Proposal"

  • The Paperless Office

    Storing documents in digital form saves time, money, and space

  • The 10-Minute Profit Check

    Checking weekly that actual expenses are in line with the estimate alerts you to overruns

  • Construction Consulting Agreement

    Having a preconstruction agreement allows you to get paid for your consulting time and expertise even when clients choose not to hire you for the project

  • South Carolina Economy: Resting on Defense

    South Carolina's coast has some good markets for homebuilding

  • FEMA, NFIP Will Need Emergency Funding

    The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) expects flood claims to exceed its statutory reserves.

  • In Florida, a Shortage of Help

    Builders are getting re-acquainted with a problem that used to be familiar: a shortage of skilled labor.

  • Preventing Handoff Errors

    Putting all the paperwork for a project in a single notebook ensures details don't get lost during the transition from sales to production

  • After the Storm: New Jersey

    Rob Corbo, contractor and regular JLC contributor, gives a firsthand account (with photos) of the damage to his hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey. With business receivables and revenues on hold, the next few weeks will be challenging.