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More stories about Cabinets

  • Fast Closets With Melamine

    Dadoes and pocket screws make strong, tight joints, while pre-edged material saves labor.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    A shower waterproofing system; storage solutions; toilets and bidets

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Water heaters; cabinet hardware

  • New Life for Old Kitchen Cabinets

    A kitchen remodeler tells how he determines if cabinet refacing is a viable option, and how to ensure professional results.

  • Installing Stone Counters

    Stone counters require meticulously planned cabinetry and sturdy support. A stone contractor tells what you need to know.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Pro-style gas ranges; vanities

  • Locating a Fireplace in a Family Room with a TV

    Locating a fireplace in a family room with a TV

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Resources for cabinetmakers, radiant heating products; kitchen faucets

  • Reducing Clearance to Woodstove Pipe

    Q. Can I use type X "fire code" gypsum board to reduce clearances to combustibles for a woodstove pipe? For example, could I attach a layer or two of gypsum board to the side or bottom of a nearby cabinet to reduce the required 18-inch clearance?

  • Business

    Applying square-foot costs, using job descriptions to train and motivate, tracking labor hours