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More stories about Cabinets

  • Making the Most of a Narrow Bathroom

    Raising the ceiling and tweaking the floor plan opens up a cramped space.

  • The Ultimate Work Trailer

    This custom-made rig stores tools and supplies, hauls material, and serves as a workstation.

  • iW Profile

    The iW Profile is a low-voltage, low-profile system for interior display, exhibit, under-cabinet, and task and alcove lighting. Featuring a color temperature range of 3000K to 6500K, the product has two beam angle options and end-to-end locking connectors capable of making 80-degree turns.

  • Designing Accessible Kitchens

    Start with ADA guidelines, but base your kitchen designs on the actual needs and capabilities of your client.

  • Products

    Garage storage; windows; flashing

  • Q&A: Noisy Expansion Tank

    Q: Even though I followed the manufacturer's specifications when I installed the 2-gallon thermal expansion tank and check valve for my customers' domestic hot-water system, they still complain of "clicking" noises, mainly during the heating season. Does

  • On the Job

    Hanging a pergola ledger; quick barrel ceiling; more

  • Products

    Door hardware; manufactured stairs; closets & accessories

  • Remodeling for Aging In Place

    Aesthetics and safety go hand-in-hand in thoughtful barrier-free design.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Supporting a floating stone countertop; floor warmers; cabinets