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More stories about Cabinets

  • Remodeling for Aging In Place

    Aesthetics and safety go hand-in-hand in thoughtful barrier-free design.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Supporting a floating stone countertop; floor warmers; cabinets

  • Letters

    Using PEX in solar water heating; solar hot-water storage; hot-water recirculation; leak testing

  • On the Job: Jig for Fast Jack Miters

    Jig for fast jack miters

  • On the Job

    Understair pantry; hidden header detail; sturdy deck protection; firmer footing

  • Products

    Sharp screws; a better roof clip; flashings; closet & garage storage systems; paints & coatings; garage doors

  • Toolbox

    Ridgid R350RHA round-head framing nailer; job icameras; cabinetmaking tools

  • New Products for Kitchen and Bath

    What we found while tromping the aisles of K/BIS 2005.

  • On the Job

    Fast drawers; easy brick cleanup

  • Products

    Space Savers - Composite Shingles - Engineered Opening - Outlet Energy Block - Premeasured Roof Sheathing - Operable Acrylic Block Windows - T&G Composite Flooring - Bug-Free Living - HouseNet for Brick