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More stories about Carpentry

  • Installing Engineered Siding

    Working efficiently ensures durability and profitability.

  • Curbless Shower Retrofit

    Curbless showers continue to grow in popularity, for reasons of both aesthetics and accessibility. Retrofitting one in an existing home, however, may require dropping the floor.

  • Carpenter's Pencil

    The SharpDraw pencil sharpens itself whenever the tip is drawn along a straightedge.

  • Deck Ledgers and Water Table Trim

    The 2015 IRC allows a 1-inch-maximum sheathing thickness between the ledger and band joist, but it may be simpler to remove the trim and attach the ledger to the house

  • Carpenter Gothic

    The carpentry that inspired an iconic American painting.

  • Drawing an Ellipse

    If you're not sold on the nails-and-string method, try this one.

  • Hidden Pantry Doors – 3 Tips to Conceal a Door

    I love building hidden doors! I also enjoy showing them off because apparently everyone on YouTube is searching for a way to hide a room.

  • A Cabinet Becomes a Door

    The correct hinge and clever carpentry make a closet door disappear into the woodwork.

  • Building a Wooden Screen Door

    How to make a custom storm door out of rot-resistant wood such as white oak or mahogany.

  • Strapping Ceilings

    Strapping serves many purposes both for framers, as well as for many of the subs who follow.