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More stories about Carpentry

  • Fixing Ghost Doors

    There's nothing supernatural about it.

  • Pre-Assembling Exterior Trim

    Fabricating parts on the ground or in the shop saves time and improves quality.

  • Innovative Edge Clamps

    A rubber strap spans the jaws of these spring clamps for quick and easy edge-clamping.

  • Pocket-Hole Machine

    The new Kreg Foreman DB210 won't replace production equipment, but it will be welcome on the jobsite and in small shops.

  • Attaching a Deck to SIPs

    Though it is possible to beef up a SIP in order to attach a deck ledger, the best option is to build a freestanding deck.

  • Solo Installation of Crown Molding

    Techniques developed over the course of 25 years on the job take the place of a helper.

  • True Classic: Raking Cornice

    Every carpenter wants to dive in and make the sawdust fly. But without slowing down to get the design right first, even great joinery skills can't save a project from failure.

  • Installing Engineered Siding

    Working efficiently ensures durability and profitability.

  • Curbless Shower Retrofit

    Curbless showers continue to grow in popularity, for reasons of both aesthetics and accessibility. Retrofitting one in an existing home, however, may require dropping the floor.

  • Carpenter's Pencil

    The SharpDraw pencil sharpens itself whenever the tip is drawn along a straightedge.