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  • ProjEXIT

    All that is visible with a ProjEXIT exit sign is a small plate in the ceiling and the exit indication it provides on the wall. All necessary equipment is contained above the ceiling plane in a 10-inch-high box IC-rated for insulated ceilings. An optional NiCard battery system is available...

  • Swing

    This T5 and T5HO linear fluorescent fixture, offered in ceiling, wall, or pendant versions, is energy-code compliant and suitable for projects applying for LEED certification. Its slim 1-inch-wide by 2-inch-high profile and solid surface make for clean uninterrupted lines. The pendant version can...

  • CI-300

    This ceiling-mounted passive infrared occupancy sensor has a low-profile appearance and provides 360 degrees of coverage. With detection technology it continuously monitors to identify usage patterns, automatically adjusting time delay and sensitivity settings. A walkthrough mode turns lights off...

  • Brighton

    Designed for both exterior and interior retail applications, this durable cast-aluminum luminaire is corrosion resistant and suitable for wet locations. Wall- and ceiling-mounted fixtures are offered and feature satin-etched diffusers for even dispersion of light. Lamping options include...

  • Keyhole Dome Plugs

    Based on Heyco Product's line of standard dome plugs, the Custom Keyhole Dome Plug from Axcell, a division of Heyco, is ideal for electrical or mechanical equipment where chassis holes need to be plugged for safety and aesthetics. Constructed from durable polyamide 6/6 nylon, the plug is easy to...

  • Imperia Vertical

    This track luminaire for accent and display lighting applications was specially designed for the Philips Mini MasterColor 20W ceramic metal halide lamp, available in spot, narrow flood, flood, and linear spread distributions. Housed in die-cast aluminum and available in custom colors with over 200...

  • Electrix

    Electrix manufactures a wide range of performance cove systems to efficiently drive illumination across walls and ceilings.

  • Pendant

    Venini, distributed by Leucos, launches pendant

  • Focal Point launches Avenue

    Focal Point

  • Ceiling Fixture

    New Presidio Ceiling Fixtures and Pendants