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  • Q&A: Cutting & Patching Asbestos Siding

    Q: Occasionally, we run across asbestos shingles. We sometimes have to cut the material for a door or window opening. What precautions need to be taken when cutting through this material? What is the best way to dispose of a few shingles? Is this material still available for repairs?

  • Tips for Trouble-Free Tile

    Tile work is expensive and highly visible. Whether you do your own work or sub it ot, these tips from an expert tile-setter will help keep you out of trouble.

  • Demystifying Mortar

    An experienced mason explains how mud works, and how to get the best mix for the job you’re working on.

  • Builder's Library

  • Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete

    There’s more to buying concrete than specifying compressive strength. Understanding cement types admixures, and batch-plant basics will help you get the right mix for the job.

  • Self-Leveling Underlayments

    Repair and level wood or concrete floors with pourable floor toppings. Here, we compare gypsum- and cement-based formulas.

  • The New Concrete Technologies

    Jeffrey Beard looks at the new developments in the concrete market and tells how they are benefiting the construction industry.