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    Conventional steep-slope roofing materials can be made watertight even on low slopes. Here are some details and techniques that work.

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    Coastal communities need stricter, clearer codes, better training of builders and inspectors, and better quality control, say the experts after a year of studying the most devastating storm in U.S. history.

  • Q&A: Concrete Tile on Shallow Roofs

    Q: We are getting a lot of jobs with Mansard-type roofs. The roof covering is concrete tile, but much of the roof has a slope of only 2:12. What precautions should we take?

  • For What It's Worth

  • Roofing with Concrete Tile

    As with all roofing, the quality of the installation determines the longevity of a concrete roof. A pro describes the critical details.

  • Inspecting Sloped Roofs

    A leading home inspector tells you how to identify and diagnose problems on asphalt, slate, wood, and tile roofs.

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    NEB surveys the new species of concrete shakes, plastic slates, metal tiles, and other curious combinations that vie for upscale looks and modest price tags.