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  • Letters

    Code compliance concerns, strap tie questions

  • Toolbox: New Roofing Coil Nailers

    New coil nailers for roofers

  • Durable Details for Vinyl Siding

    Cracking, splitting, and rippling of vinyl siding can usually be traced to poor installation — specifically, not allowing for the material’s inevitable expansion and contraction with changes in temperature. A siding expert tells how to put it up right.

  • Practical Engineering: Using Metal Connectors

    Making strong attachments with metal connectors

  • Watertight Skylights in Metal Roofs

    Standard flashing kits for curbed skylights don’t accommodate standing-seam metal roofing very well. This site-fabricated system uses mechanical interlocks instead of soldered joints to form a low-profile, watertight seal.

  • Toolbox: Metal Brake Tips

    Metal brake tips

  • Q&A: No-Nails Approach to Aluminum Fascia

    Q: Last winter, our siding sub installed aluminum fascia in very cold temperatures. When the weather warmed up, the fascia expanded and buckled severely. What’s the proper way to install aluminum fascia to prevent this from happening?

  • Innovative Pneumatic Fasteners

    As the popularity of pneumatic nail guns increases, so does the range of fasteners. The Journal examines the newest materials and designs.

  • Toolbox: Welding Basics

    Small, portable arc-welder

  • Q&A: Metal Roofs in High Winds

    Q: We build along the coast in North Carolina, which is considered a high-wind zone with gusts up to 120 mph. We’re interested in using standing-seam metal roofing panels, but we are concerned about blow-offs. Can you tell us what details and panel specifications we should require from our roofing...