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  • Choosing a Whole-House Ventilation Strategy

    An update on current standards and how to meet them

  • Choosing a Whole-House Ventilation Strategy

    Part 2 of Allison Bailes series on current ventilation standards and how best to meet them.

  • Clients from Hell

    Adam Shaf says a dispute with his former clients stems from them "not paying us for work, not because of poor workmanship."

  • Ohio County Ponders Whether To Enforce Code

    Should Morrow County, Ohio, enforce the state building code? That’s the question on the minds of the county’s planning commission.

  • Pennsylvania: Code Adoption Process Under Scrutiny

    Lawmakers are taking a closer look at the Pennsylvania commission responsible for updating the state’s building code.

  • Crestron Promotes Branley

    Crestron has named Shayna Branley as its new director of commercial lighting controls engineering. In addition to her new responsibility for Crestron order entry, design, submittal, programming and field commissioning efforts, Branley will continue to oversee the company's lighting control training...

  • Deficit Commission Leaders Hit LIHTCs, Other Programs

    The elimination of tax expenditures, which includes the tax exemption for housing bonds and the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC), has been proposed by the co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, better known as the D

  • Foreclosures a Fair Housing Problem

    Washington, D.C.—The home loan foreclosure crisis may have been avoided had fair housing laws been properly enforced, according to a report released Dec. 9 by the National Commission on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, based here.


    SEATTLE—Developers who face NIMBY opposition will get some support under a new policy from the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

  • Urban Nightscape 2006 Call for Papers

    The Hellenic Illumination Committee has issued a call for papers from individuals wishing to present at