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  • NEWS

    The strong performance of the multifamily market will translate into small merit-based pay increases, according to the National Multi Housing Council’s (NMHC’s) annual National Apartment Survey of Compensation and Benefits Practices.

  • Constructive Terms

    Structuring a construction loan can be a tricky proposition, with developers wading through a sea of legal language fraught with potential pitfalls and hidden costs.

  • Why Your Contract Should Contain an Indemnification Clause

    Say a GC signs a contract to build a fence for a homeowner. After the job is done, the homeowner hits the fence with his car but does not repair the damage. A couple of weeks later the fence falls on a neighbor who is walking down the sidewalk. Who is liable for the neighbor's injury?

  • Beware Mistakes That Bind

    Here's the scenario: A contractor hires a new estimator and he makes a bid on a remodeling job. Unfortunately, the bid is way off the mark. By the time the contractor notices the mistake, the customer has signed the contract and given him a check, which he's deposited.

  • Remodeling's Deadliest Sins

    Nine common business mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Taking Back Rent Week

    For most multifamily property managers, the community office is a madhouse during rent week, with leasing agents frantically keying in payment information between frequent trips to the bank.

  • Doing Deals the Hard (Money) Way

    Competitors don’t exactly envy the multi-housing investor who turns to a funding source of last resort.

  • Project photography-who pays, owns and can use it-is a contentious issue.

    Project photography-who pays for it, who ultimately owns it, and who can use it-is a contentious issue. Few lighting designers can afford the fees, and hence are dependent on the architecture firms for photos, which often means a project is not well represented from the lighting perspective. The...

  • Business

    No more free estimates; credit cards vs. debit cards

  • Improve Your Cash Flow

    Many contractors complain bitterly about their lack of cash flow. That's no surprise, given that employees, subs, and vendors all expect to be paid — whether or not the customer has paid the company.