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  • Business

    Managing cash flow, deciding to be competitive, employee benefits

  • Why Subs Must Carry Liability Insurance

    As the general contractor, you have liability insurance to protect you from claims for bodily injury or property damage caused by your negligence. So why, you ask, is it important for your subs to have liability insurance, too?

  • Subcontractor Agreements -- Do They Have to Be in Writing?

    Written contracts for subs

  • Getting Into Light Commercial Work

    Have you ever been walking through a shopping mall where a new store was being built and wondered what it would be like to do that kind of work? Like residential work, commercial jobs have their challenges and rewards, but the work isn't for everyone.

  • Dispelling Myths

    As we at WCI go about the business of creating luxurious lifestyle communities, marketing and selling homes in those communities, and providing an unmatched lifestyle environment for our customers, we are frequently reminding ourselves of our obligations to our shareholders. I believe it is...

  • Providing Employee Benefits

    The owner of a remodeling business tells how the company institutes and manages benefits to attract and keep quality employees.

  • Business: Keeping a Lid on Workers' Comp Costs

    Keeping a lid on workers' comp costs

  • Running a Handyman Sideline

    A high-end residential remodeler explains why he makes time for even the smallest handyman jobs.

  • Getting Contractor Discounts

    All deals are negotiable, but to get the best price, you have to understand the rules of the building materials market.

  • Legal: Liability Insurance and Indemnification

    Liability insurance and indemnification