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More stories about Compensation

  • When a Customer or Supplier Goes Bankrupt

    There you are, just trying to make an honest living as a contractor, when all of a sudden somebody you're doing business with declares bankruptcy. How will this affect you?

  • Sec. 1031 swaps help owners build wealth

    The information presented here is intended solely for informational purposes. Owners should rely on professional legal advice before entering into one of these transactions.

  • Builders find new reasons to go solar

    Nothing says “green building” more clearly than a gleaming line of solar panels tilted to catch the sunlight.

  • Increasing value by smart management

    With the nationwide average vacancy rate at a three-year low of about 5.8% (see page 22), apartment owners and managers are likely to be eager to realize some increased income after several years of high vacancies and widespread concessions.

  • Business

    Insuring the remodeling site; staying in touch with clients

  • Letters

    When designs don't meet code; New Jersey reality check; gutter detail; sprinklers; more

  • Attitude Adjustment: How to Think Like a Company

    How to think like a company; protect yourself from employee theft

  • Protect Yourself With a Job Journal

    In 1988 I went to work for a large commercial-residential electrical contractor. One of the first projects I worked on was a program to document what was happening on site.

  • Protecting Your Retirement

    Contractors who have spent years trying to make money often fail to think about how they will protect their assets once it's time to sell or close down the business.

  • Overtime Pay Laws

    What you need to know about the new overtime pay laws