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  • Making e-payments pay

    Apartment Investment and Management Co. (AIMCO) is getting double benefits from adopting electronic payment systems: residents get more options for payment of rent and other fees, and AIMCO’s leasing staff gets to focus on filling properties and pro

  • Apartment outlook bright for 2006

    In a lively discussion before an audience of more than 100 developers and owners from around the nation, Apartment Finance Today magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board painted a positive picture of the outlook for multifamily housing in 2006.

  • Letters

    Borate-treated lumber; illegal day laborers; slanted-news charge; of lawyers and engineers

  • When a Customer or Supplier Goes Bankrupt

    There you are, just trying to make an honest living as a contractor, when all of a sudden somebody you're doing business with declares bankruptcy. How will this affect you?

  • Sec. 1031 swaps help owners build wealth

    The information presented here is intended solely for informational purposes. Owners should rely on professional legal advice before entering into one of these transactions.

  • Builders find new reasons to go solar

    Nothing says “green building” more clearly than a gleaming line of solar panels tilted to catch the sunlight.

  • Increasing value by smart management

    With the nationwide average vacancy rate at a three-year low of about 5.8% (see page 22), apartment owners and managers are likely to be eager to realize some increased income after several years of high vacancies and widespread concessions.

  • Business

    Insuring the remodeling site; staying in touch with clients

  • Letters

    When designs don't meet code; New Jersey reality check; gutter detail; sprinklers; more

  • Attitude Adjustment: How to Think Like a Company

    How to think like a company; protect yourself from employee theft