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More stories about Competitions

  • 2012 Next Generation Luminaire Competition

    The 2012 Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Solid-State Lighting Competition is officially open. Major change for 2012: The competition, to better respond to the differences in lighting applications, is now divided into two one for Indoor and one for Outdoor. Deadline for intent to submit for the...

  • EnOcean Alliance Grows to 200 Member Companies

    NanoSense is the 200th company to join the EnOcean Alliance, a group of global companies whose goal is to promote and establish innovative automation solutions for sustainable buildings. NanoSense develops products that regulate and optimize air quality for building interiors. To date Alliance...

  • Weatherization Skills Competition

    Weatherizing older homes is hard, isolating, and often thankless work.

  • L Prize Modifies Its Par 38 Requirements

    The U.S. Department of Energy has temporarily suspended entries into the PAR 38 category for its L Prize competition in order to make the competition more effective.

  • Third Annual Next Generation Luminaires Competition Winners Announced

    Manufacturers continue to innovate with market-ready specification-grade LED luminaires.

  • Philips Livable Cities Competition - Voting open through March 24

    Philips has announced the eight finalists for the Philips Livable Cities Award. The competition was designed as a global initiative to produce innovative, achievable ideas to improve the health and living situations of city residents worldwide. Voting is open through March 24 at...

  • DOE Modifies L•Prize PAR 38 Competition Requirements

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced plans to modify the competition requirements for the L Prize's PAR 38 category. On Jan. 5, the DOE temporarily suspended the PAR 38 portion of the competition, and entries will not be accepted until that category reopens in May. The 60W replacement...

  • CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS, Deadline: March 1

    Architectural Lighting Magazine invites you to forward new product releases for editorial consideration in our May 2011 Product Guide. Submitted products should have been released since May 2010. This annual special issue showcases more than 200 products in 19 product categories.

  • DOE's L Prize Competition Encourages Solid-State Lighting Product Development

    The Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prizes (L Prize) competition is the first government-sponsored technology competition that is meant to spur development of solid-state lighting products. 

  • “This Way” Brooklyn Bridge Installation

    The result of a competition that was commissioned by New York City's Percent for Art Program and the DUMBO Business Improvement District to commemorate the Brooklyn Bridge's 125th anniversary, the art installation, titled “This Way,” illuminates and directs visitors to the DUMBO entrance of the...