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  • A Streetlight

    A streetlight. it seems a simple proposition–a pole and a light source. But ask any of the entrants who tackled this challenge in the two-stage City Lights Design Competition, and they will tell you otherwise.

  • Litecontrol Announces Student Design Competition

    has announced a student design competition which integrates its new Inde-Pendants ADA Sconce light fixture into architectural surroundings. It is open to all full-time undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate students enrolled in an accredited program in architecture, lighting design, interior...

  • A Vote for Lighting

    Tom Dixon, a product designer with an affinity for lighting, is in the running for Designer of the Year from London's Design Museum. The prize, which is given to a designer or design team living and working in the UK, or any designer born there, involves winnings of £25,000 ($43,600). Popular...

  • Design Competitions

    DEADLINE: November 15, 2006 The IALD Award submissions deadline has been moved forward two weeks. For more information about the competition and submission guidelines, visit

  • Smile for the Camera: Student Solutions

    A look at the 2004 winners of the Robert Bruce Thompson Student Light Fixture Design Competition.

  • $10,000 for LFT Winner

    Director of design and product development for American Fluorescent Corp. takes the top award for Lighting for Tomorrow, the national lighting fixture design competition, winning $10,000.

  • Has the lighting industry reached a state of 'commoditization'?

    , VP Technical Marketing Services

  • UltraLights Student Design Competition

    Building on the success of last year's inaugural program, Tucson-based UltraLights Architectural Lighting has announced the winners of this year's competition: Cameron Miller and Brandon Schans.

  • World's Smallest Tract Homes?

    Construction competition

  • Q&A:Competing in a Small Market

    Q. I'm a general contractor in a small town where there are many licensed contractors, which makes competition fierce. Some local contractors seem to think the way to do business is to give their materials away at cost and to charge $25 per hour for labor