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  • Breaking Rocks

    Skip the hard labor of feathers and wedges — and the waiting time of hydraulic cement — and split rocks and concrete with the Ezebreak Micro-Blaster II kit.

  • Top Concrete

    Increase your chances of fabricating a crack-free countertop surface by using a concrete formula made specifically for the job.

  • Caliburn Concrete Screws

    In addition to typical high-low drive threads, GRK’s Caliburn concrete screws have a third groove that captures excess concrete dust so it won’t interfere with penetration.

  • New York City Concrete Testing Firm Convicted of Faking Tests

  • Best Mix for Pumped Concrete

    Plans for an infill project call for a poured stem-wall foundation, but the urban site has limited access for a regular concrete truck. A pumper truck would be ideal, but I'm concerned that the pumped mix won't provide the required 4,000-psi concrete. Is this a legitimate concern?

  • St. Bernard Parish Launches Massive Slab Demo

  • Mud-Bed Showers

    Floated mortar walls provide a flat, plumb setting bed over irregular wall framing.

  • Framing Hardware Dos and Don'ts

    Prevent structural problems and failed inspections by avoiding these common installation errors.

  • Tree Roots and Foundation Cracks

    Can the roots of a tree actually dry out the soil beneath a foundation enough to cause the concrete to crack?

  • Recycled Form Boards?

    Can concrete form boards be reused for framing, or does exposure to concrete weaken framing lumber?