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  • Gentlemen, Start Your Trowels!

    With those words, the competitors in the fifth annual Bricklayer 500 were off and laying brick at a pace never seen on job sites.

  • Letters

    Forming foundation walls; warranty caution; more

  • Wet-Set Mudsills

    With careful layout, placing sills directly into the wet concrete can save time.


  • Mixing Ingredients for a New Flavor

    Áron Losonczi, a young Hungarian architect, first began testing the possibility of a light transmitting concrete by embedding pieces of glass into a massive block of concrete. With the glass embedded, the concrete acquired a new materiality; its thickness and weight subsided as filtered light...

  • Who Pays If Something's Wrong With The Plans and Specs?

    You're looking at an invitation to bid, complete with plans and specs. It would be a big job for you — very profitable.

  • On the Job: Salt-Finished Concrete

    Salt-finished concrete

  • Block-Laying Basics

    Masonry techniques aren't hard to learn and can be valuable on small jobs

  • Q&A: A Use for Recycled Concrete

    Q. One of the contractors I'm interviewing to install a driveway surfaced with interlocking concrete pavers has suggested using recycled concrete rather than processed stone as a base material. He claims he's used it already on several driveways and that

  • Letters

    Radon check; backfill pressure; Spanish lessons; mold precautions; source for rising hinges; more