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  • Are Lawyers Crushing The Condo Market In Denver?

    Big builders and developers are bowing out of the condo business in Denver, Colorado. Is it because of the out-of-control construction defect lawsuits?

  • Kubix Ventilators

    Venmar Ventilation. Kubix heat- and energy-recovery ventilators are designed for condominiums and small homes up to about 1,000 square feet.

  • Combining Two Condos

    Real estate is scarce in Hoboken, N.J., so a few years ago our client decided to double his family's living space by buying the condo next door to his own and connecting the two units.

  • Mississippi Condo Owners Prevail in Wind Insurance Lawsuit

  • From Partners to Profits

    JOINT VENTURES ARE BUSTING OUT all over multifamily land.

  • What Recession? Young Developer Delivers First Project Despite the Odds.

    Fewer units are coming online these days, but one development newcomer in Southern California is determined to defy the odds. The 27-year-old just completed his first mixed-use deal and has begun work on a second.

  • NYC Targets Unsold Condos, Stalled Projects

    UNSOLD CONDOMINIUMS, unrented apartments, and stalled construction sites will be turned into affordable housing under a new program launched by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD).

  • Boston Fights Foreclosures

    Boston —In February 2008, Mayor Thomas M. Menino, surrounded by city officials and photographers, visited a street of empty houses.

  • Condo Auction

    The Edge sells 37 condos in one day—with help from a gavel and discounted sales prices.

  • While the Iron Is Cold

    First, the bad news: Developers will find it more difficult to pencil new deals.