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  • Rehab of blighted site changes attitudes

    Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass.—Summer Street Condominiums and Apartments is a model for smart-growth, mixed-income developments in smaller communities. 

  • For-sale, student housing floods Madison market

    As the state capital and home to one of the nation’s largest universities, this city has always had an extremely tight multifamily market. However, the unbridled development of condos, student housing, and single-family homes over the past

  • LCOR Residential does condos in Gotham

    New York – At a time of steeply rising materials costs, condominiums may be the only product type to pencil out when it comes to building multifamily projects in some markets.

  • Why some apartments earn top rents

    To find the best finishes in a rental unit, you shouldn’t try one of Manhattan’s new apartment buildings – the units may be nicer at a top project in an up-and-coming market like Philadelphia. And to find the best services in a rental community, you might

  • Apartments, condos transform historic buildings in St. Louis

    On a sunny spring day here recently, more than 50,000 people packed the brand-new $365 million Busch Stadium, kicking off the baseball season and ushering in a new era for the city’s long-neglected downtown.

  • Apartment outlook bright for 2006

    In a lively discussion before an audience of more than 100 developers and owners from around the nation, Apartment Finance Today magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board painted a positive picture of the outlook for multifamily housing in 2006.

  • Condos come to Stamford

    Developers did so well with the first condominium project in decades in this old mill town that they’ve already started work on a “sister project” almost exactly like the first.

  • Sunny outlook for apartment owners

    Favorable economic factors, strong demand for rental housing and sluggish construction of new apartment units are among the positive factors apartment owners and investors can bet on this year.

  • Apartments, condos join downtown L.A. revival

    Los Angeles – This sprawling city is beginning to find its heart.

  • Parkchester saved from decay

    The 12,271 units at the Parkchester are fully occupied for what may be the first time in decades.