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  • Sustainability and Lighting: Lightfair Roundtable

  • IALD 7th Annual Education Conference - Enlighten 2007: The Passion of Light

    The intent of Enlighten 2007: The Passion of Light is to initiate dialogue within the lighting community that evokes and provokes emotions associated with what we do, as well as why and how we do it. Who are lighting designers? What fuels enthusiasm for lighting design? What inspires creativity?

  • IALD Annual Conference Call for Proposals

    The IALD has issued a Call for Speakers and Presentations for the upcoming

  • IESNA Annual Conference

    Building on the success and excitement of last years' centennial conference, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) restructured its 2007 Annual Conference, held from January 28-30, 2007, at the Point Hilton Squaw Peak Resort in Phoenix, to include a broad range of invited...

  • Pre-Show Conference

  • Urban Nightscape 2006 Call for Papers

    The Hellenic Illumination Committee has issued a call for papers from individuals wishing to present at

  • Iesna centennial celebration recap

    a significant milestone marked the commencement of with the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America's (IESNA) centennial anniversary. The four-day event, filled with seminars and celebratory gatherings, assembled an international group of lighting designers, educators, researchers, and...

  • Lightfair 2004: LEDs Are Everywhere

    Of the record 222 products entered in the annual New Product Showcase, more than 50 were LED specific. LEDs were the buzz at Lighfair 2004.

  • IALD Launches New Website

    the iald launched a new website ( during its th annual iald Education Conference held this October in Alexandria, Virginia. (See 'IALD Conference,' above.) The purpose of the redesign was 'to provide a more efficient, effective, and streamlined website that is easier to navigate,' says...

  • IALD Education Conference Call for Speakers

    The IALD has announced a call for speakers/presenters for its 5th Annual Education Conference to be held this October (see A|L calendar section for details). The deadline for proposals is May 13, 2005. Proposal requirements are available via the IALD website at