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  • TCP?s New Website

    Ohio-based lamp and fixture manufacturer TCP has launched a new website,

  • Triangle

    One of two Triangle tracklighting systems, the suspended version (shown) is suitable for table and conference room illumination. It is approximately 19 3/4 inches wide, and each head takes one 20W, 35W, or 50W MR16 lamp. The system has an attractive aesthetic when applied in groups.

  • Lights of Philadelphia

    Is it possible to develop lighting solutions that meet code, accommodate user functions and client requirements, and realize the design vision? 

  • AHF LIVE 2007: Conference Wrap-Up

    AHF Live: The Tax Credit Developers’ Summit provided over 600 industry attendees with opportunities to learn and network during the three-day conference at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Oct. 24-26.

  • Strictly Business: Crystal Ball Gazing

    Using the past to predict future job volume

  • Letters

    Defining “green,” payback periods for energy-efficient windows, termite concerns

  • JLC Live! West Coast Edition

    From job-costing to computer technology, these business tips have been gleaned from some of the most popular seminars at our first western Construction Business & Technology Conference.

  • Heard at the Show

    Highlights from JLC’s Construction Business & Technology Conference

  • New England Update

  • New England Update