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More stories about Construction

  • Timing the Materials Market

    As the price of materials such as lumber and concrete continue to fall, many developers are employing an "as-needed" approach to purchasing at the end of the second quarter.

  • Pay to Play: Access to Construction Debt Hinges on Relationships

    National and regional banks are slowly starting to provide construction debt again, but they're only opening the balance sheet to those with whom they have an existing or potential long-term relationship.

  • Five Tips for Winning FHA Approval on a New Construction Deal

    With the fatality rate of new Sec. 221(d)(4) loans hovering at about 50 percent, you have to manage your expectations for the loan process. Here are some tips from FHA lenders on how to position your deal for approval.

  • Letters

    Confusion over shingle warranty; a cautionary note about low-flow toilets

  • Citi Pilots California Bond Program

    SACRAMENTO, CALIF.— California officials and representatives of Citi have come up with an innovative plan to help jump-start construction lending for affordable housing projects in the state.

  • FHA 221(d)(4) Changes to Impact Some Affordable Deals

    While the changes to the FHA's Sec. 221(d)(4) new construction program are aimed at market-rate deals, mixed-income and workforce housing developments will also be impacted.

  • Letters May 2010

    More mold headaches; ice dam insurance; stair template available; choosing the right word

  • Texas Towns Take a Step Back from the Shore

  • Letters April 2010

    Sealing cuts in fiber cement; epoxy from a caulk gun; a grinding reminder; pricing kitchen remodels

  • End of an Era? Sec. 202’s Fate is Uncertain.

    The future of HUD’s Sec. 202 initiative is in doubt, as the 61-year old program suffers budget cuts and a proposed moratorium on new construction.