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More stories about Construction

  • Working Off a Forklift

    Q: Is there any legal way to work off the forks of an all-terrain forklift - for instance, in a steel cage that's safely secured to and supported by the forks?

  • Letters

    Borate-treated lumber; illegal day laborers; slanted-news charge; of lawyers and engineers

  • Keeping the Design Phase on Track

    I've long appeciated the advantages of design/build. This approach to construction removes you from the rat race of competitive bidding.

  • Using Mediation to Settle Construction Disputes

    Every so often, a client will call for advice and begin by saying, "I've been in business for 20 years and have never had a problem like this with an owner." It frequently means my client is headed toward mediation.

  • World's Smallest Tract Homes?

    Construction competition

  • Letters

    When designs don't meet code; New Jersey reality check; gutter detail; sprinklers; more

  • Fast Box Newel - Fewer Nail Holes

    This carpenter-friendly design eliminates most of the nail holes.

  • Habla Espanol?

    The ability to communicate in Spanish could become your most valuable job-site tool.

  • Protecting Your Retirement

    Contractors who have spent years trying to make money often fail to think about how they will protect their assets once it's time to sell or close down the business.

  • Letters

    Safety factor; willing workers; school days; starting a training program; insurance-work advice; setting the record straight in Arizona; more