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More stories about Construction

  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled

    As the banking industry continues to struggle through the recession, access to construction capital isn’t getting any easier.

  • News

    THE FIVE-STORY North Tract Lofts apartment complex in Arlington, Va., was originally designed as a concrete project, but the developer asked its contractor, Clark Builders Group, to reengineer the building to Type III wood construction.

  • Second Coming

    RICHARD BOALES HAD bought multifamily projects from other developers before, but never one that was halfway through construction.

  • Circling the Wagons

    While a crisis is an opportunity, it's also a crisis.

  • A Year After Ike, Scars and Controversy Remain

  • Same as it Ever Was

    SLOW AND STEADY WINS the race, according to Aesop, and nowhere is that more evident than the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

  • Affordable, If You Can Find It

    While construction financing remains relatively affordable, fewer deals are penciling out these days, and underwriting standards continue to tighten.

  • Letters

    Missing lintel; residential sprinklers; solar on site; epoxy warning; scraper problem; more

  • Ten Fifty B Rising

    SAN DIEGO—While many affordable housing developers in California are struggling with the state’s freeze on bond funds, at least one development is proceeding as expected.

  • Tapping FHA Funds

    The challenges of today's tight lending environment have forced low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) developers to dig even deeper to make deals happen. Developers are challenged to fill funding gaps with resources that are still viable in today's market.