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More stories about Construction

  • Valerie Jarrett's Struggle

    CHICAGO— For Valerie Jarrett, redeveloping public housing is more than a federal mandate. It's a personal mission to show that an idea championed by her grandfather was right after all.

  • In the News

    Study shows high on-the-job death rate for Hispanic workers; San Diego launches new recycling mandate; states crack down on copper theft; more

  • On the Job

    Tricky miter; giant jig for big ellipses; tree protection

  • Working It Out

    The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers several options to borrowers in default or struggling to make debt-service payments on their FHA-insured loans.

  • Quantity is Good

    RIDGELAND, MISS. Quad States Construction, LLC, an affordable developer based here, proves that quantity is a good thing, especially in rural areas with a dearth of affordable housing options.

  • Lenders Grow Cautious

    While construction financing remains affordable, many capital sources are beefing up their underwriting criteria this year.

  • ROI Makes It In Puerto Rico

    ADJUNTAS, PUERTO RICO Last December, Woody Pagan drove an hour and a half from this mountain town into San Juan to get stamps and signatures on several documents. Before workers could start building Alturas de Castañer, a planned 24-unit rural development here, Pagan needed to certify that the...

  • When to Call a Lawyer

    Contractors tend to avoid calling for legal help. Partly this is because they're used to solving their own problems, and partly it's because they don't want to rack up attorney's fees. But certain circumstances — let's call them legal emergencies — absolutely require immediate legal counsel.

  • Stretching the Span With Steel

    T-shaped beams fabricated from a standard I-beam help uncramp a basement space.


    LA PORTE, IND. -- The nonprofit Parents & Friends, Inc., will build the Butterfly Garden Apartments here.