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  • Contracting Out of Control?

    Jackson’s Chief of Staff Camille Pierce told the IG Jackson did not like several contractors, including Abt Associates, the Urban Institute (UI), Quadel Consulting, and TAG Associates.

  • Congress Targets Contracting

    Citing concerns about the growing “shadow government” of contractors who cost American taxpayers $377 billion in 2005, the House of Representatives this winter passed H.R. 1362 to reform acquisition practices in the federal government.

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    Older apartment buildings can truly be a minefield of potential surprises.

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    A flooring contractor shares layout, installation, and trim tips for producing a professional-looking job.

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    Certain forms and checklists are necessary on the job, but too much paper can drag down productivity. A veteran contractor shows his simple, streamlined approach to job-site record keeping.

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    If you don't front-load your payment schedule, you may find that the cash crunch can put you out of business.

  • Q&A: Drywall Disposal On Site

    Q. My excavation contractor offered to bury my scrap drywall on site, but I've heard buried gypsum can create a harmful gas. I've also read that it's okay to bury small amounts if you disperse it. Is it okay to bury drywall on site at all, and if so, what

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    Taking steps to ensure prompt payment