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More stories about Copper

  • JLC May Letters

    Tips for soldering a lap seam; the usefulness of the GRK lap harness; and the future of vocational training.

  • Replacing a Wooden Gutter

    A bowed, sagging wall complicated this custom repair.

  • Micronized-Copper Treated Lumber

    Q: I'm building an outdoor deck for a client who wants me to use lumber treated with micronized copper, in the belief that it's less harmful to the environment than wood treated with other chemicals. I'm not very familiar with the material. Can it be used in ground-contact applications, including...

  • Letters

    Using stainless with copper; window-seat safety; hanging loads from beams; the true cost of regulation

  • Letters

    Leak-free chimney; stainless steel screws and copper; subslab vapor-barrier details; credit card warning

  • Flashing a Chimney With Soldered Copper

    Traditional methods and materials prevent leaks for the life of the structure.

  • Products

    Basement finishing; flashing

  • Milwaukee M12 Copper Tubing Cutter

    Milwaukee's M12 Copper Tubing Cutter adjusts automatically to cut 3/8- to 1-inch-diameter K-, L-, and M-type copper.

  • Products

    Plumbing; metal connectors

  • Denali

    Part of a series of outdoor sconces, Denali is available with incandescent or metal halide lamping. The round outdoor sconce has three face designs, four inner face finishes, and eight outer face finishes including painted matte white, painted silver hammertone, and copper metallic. Luminaire...