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  • Universe Bollard

    A modular fixture system, the Universe Bollard offers a refractor optical system with IES cutoff options for Dark Sky compliance. Options include House Side Shields and Battery Backup systems for egress lighting applications. Hoods come in straight and flared shades; users can choose from among 11...

  • Outdoor

    Meyda introduces new lanterns

  • Bright lights go to school

    boyd | product: lantern series |

  • Project splits to include more housing

    San Marcos, Calif.—When The San Elijo Hills Development Co., a master developer inexperienced with affordable housing, faced new inclusionary housing rules on its latest development, it turned to Bridge Housing Corp. for help

  • Q&A: Bending Copper Pipe

    Q. On a recent job, a plumber who was soldering up 1/2-inch Type L copper supplies encountered an I-joist. So that he wouldn't have to cut into it, he used a pipe bender to give the pipes a slight 3- to 5-degree bend. Is this okay, or would it be better t

  • Fasteners for ACQ Plates

    Q. Fasteners for ACQ Plates What type of gun nails should you use with ACQ plates and mudsills? Is it necessary to use stainless steel and then switch back to regular nails for regular lumber?

  • A New Way to Install Slate Roofs

    This batten and clip system reduces the slate required to cover the roof by nearly half.

  • Products

    No-sweat copper fittings; painter's friend; door hardware; deck and porch railings; insulation

  • Letters

    Copper compatibility with ACQ; painting stucco; Hispanic labor; arch formula; tile showers; more

  • Voluntary CCA Ban Begins

    By Wendy Leibowitz. The most popular wood used for decks, gazebos, and playground equipment is treated with CCA, or chromated copper arsenate, to ward off termites and decay. The EPA's study should be released by the end of the year, he adds.