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    Safe wiring practices, mechanical ventilation resource, computer jargon complaint

  • Q&A: Connecting to Aluminum Wiring

    Q: I recently did some work in a house where the electrician found aluminum wiring. The electrical inspector told us that pigtailing in standard devices with wire nuts was not acceptable. Instead, we must use aluminum-rated devices and special aluminum-to-copper connectors. I checked with the local...

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    Take a tour with a master plumber as he makes the rounds of the twelve most common plumbing repairs.

  • Q&A: Tracing 3-Wire Circuits

    Q: In many of the houses we work in, we are asked to evaluate the electrical system. We sometimes find 10/3 wire used on 110-volt circuits with 15- and 20-amp breakers in the panel. The installer has used the red and the black wire for separate circuits. Is this an acceptable installation or does...

  • Antiscald Protection for Showers

    Pressure-balancing valves are the most common way to meet antiscald requirements for showers. A master plumber tells how they work and gives tips for installing them.

  • For What It's Worth

    Cement block spacers, nontoxic treated wood, convertible basement window

  • Leakproof Details for Shallow Roofs

    Conventional steep-slope roofing materials can be made watertight even on low slopes. Here are some details and techniques that work.

  • Kitchen & Bath: When the Pressure's Off

  • Foolproof Surge Protection

    This surge protection system, developed by a master electrician, protects submersible pumps and electronic appliances in heavy lightning areas.