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More stories about Cost-Effective Design

  • S.F.’s Latest Project Earns Early Praise

    SAN FRANCISCO—A newly completed affordable housing complex for seniors is being hailed as a prime example of environmentally sustainable design.

  • 2008 QAPs Push Green Policies

    Adopting green design features will be critical to winning low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) in many states in 2008.

  • Break Out of the Box

    It started in June 2001 with a survey asking neighbors and residents of Seattle’s High Point development which of seven housing types they preferred for the site.

  • Fairbanks Ridge Achieves Style andAffordability

    SAN DIEGO, CA. - Fairbanks Ridge Apartments is an affordable housing development integrated into an upscale master-planned community that includes million-dollar homes.

  • Gatehouse Mixes Supportive Housing with SmallBusiness

    BOSTON, MASS. - The new Gatehouse building isn’t just home to 14 recently homeless individuals or people at risk of becoming homeless.

  • Wraparound Condos Highlight Collaboration

    MINNEAPOLIS - On a small site along 10th Avenue in Minneapolis, adjacent to one of the largest redevelopment efforts in the city’s history, sits the Midtown Exchange Condos on the Greenway.

  • Wilshire Manufacturing

    Wilshire's new Sogno collection combines sleek metalwork with hand-blown glass to make each piece a contemporary design element.

  • Codes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    No matter the type of project, one thing is clear: lighting energy codes are not going away. Designers must learn to communicate with regulatory agencies as they seek a balance between efficiency and creativity.

  • Making The light impression

    Abie Colotto, director of design Friedmutter group

  • Influential Architect Designs for Homeless

    World-renowned architect Helmut Jahn is known for designing corporate headquarters and international airports. He can now add affordable housing to his resume.