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More stories about Cost-Effective Design

  • On Site With Parallam

    For long spans and heavy loads, parallel strand lumber is a good substitute for steel. The beams are dimensionally stable, come in a variety of standard sizes, and can be worked with ordinary carpentry tools.

  • Eight-Penny News

    Contractors working together, OSHA funding cuts spark changes, housewrap study

  • Exterior Trim: Design Basics

    Why do some houses look better than others? An architect explains the fundamental principles that distinguish good exterior details from bad ones.

  • Radiant Slab on a Tight Budget

    Depending on availability, proprietary gypsum-based thin slabs can be expensive. A hydronic engineer describes an innovative, cost-effective approach to pouring a radiant slab.

  • Tips and Techniques From JLC-LIVE!

    Working contractors and industry experts alike conducted seminars at this year’s Construction Business & Technology Conference. Here’s a sampling of the practical advice they shared with attendees.

  • Focus on Energy: Reducing Heat Loss from Steel Studs

    Thermal bridging in steel studs

  • Sonotube Tips

    For decks and small additions, concrete piers are an affordable and sturdy alternative to footings and frostwalls. A veteran contractor shares tips and techniques on how to excavate, lay out, reinforce, and pour pier foundations with tube forms.

  • Practical Engineering: A Porch Roof Diaphragm

    A porch roof diaphragm for lateral loads

  • Focus on Energy: Model Energy Codes Counting the Costs

    Costs of meeting the Model Energy Code

  • Ground-Source Heat Pumps

    Capturing the earth’s energy with underground heat-exchange loops can cut heating and cooling costs — if it’s done right. An hvac contractor tells what he’s learned from 15 years of installing geothermal heat pumps.