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More stories about Countertops

  • Tight Radius: VT Pencil Edge Profile

    Achieve the tight radius usually seen on granite countertops in laminate with VT's new edge finish.

  • Lava Lure: Pyrolave Volvic Lava Stone Surfaces

    Able to withstand high temperatures, acid, and corrosion, these enameled lava stone countertops add as much durability to a kitchen or bath as they do style.

  • The Look for Less: Saving Money on Wood Countertops

    J. Aaron introduces lower-cost traditional and DIY wood countertop options that let customers save upward of 40%.

  • Granite Savings: Working With Prefab Granite Countertops

    Prefabricated granite tops are a cost-effective alternative to custom slab counters.

  • Solid Surfacing

    DuPont. The Corian Terra collection of solid surfaces, made with recycled materials, now includes 33 colors; five colors have at least 20% pre-consumer recycled resin content as certified by SCS.

  • Milwaukee Cordless Heated Jacket

    For folks who live in a northern climate, the hardest part of any winter workday is that gut-check moment when you turn off your truck's heater and trudge out into the cold.

  • Remodeling for Accessibility

    Recently my Chicago-based construction company renovated a second-floor apartment in a 19-story building to make it more user-friendly for disabled and elderly residents.

  • Enamel-Glazed Work Surface

    Pyrolave is made from slabs of lava extracted from a volcanic crater in France, then glazed with enamel and fired in a 1,000°F kiln.

  • Laminated Countertops

    Formica says its 180fx laminates look just like natural stone countertops but cost a lot less.

  • Pop-Up Power Outlet

    The Kitchen Power Grommet provides convenient access to electricity on virtually any countertop.