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  • Kitchen & Bath

    Vanities; vessel sinks

  • In the News

    Remodeling study predicts growth; builder gets jail time for worker's death; more

  • Counter balance adjustables

    These highly versatile pendants can be adjusted with the touch of a fingertip from 36 inches to 72 inches. Available in two styles (with either a circular or a linear plate option), they are lamped with a 12-volt xenon. Larger pendants are offered in four-, five-, and seven-light configurations...

  • Designing Accessible Kitchens

    Start with ADA guidelines, but base your kitchen designs on the actual needs and capabilities of your client.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Going green; ovens

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Cooking; tiling

  • Waterproofing Under a Stone Countertop

    Q: Is it okay to use Schluter's Kerdi material as a waterproofing membrane beneath a stone countertop? Because it's flexible, I plan to use it to cover the plywood substrate on top of the cabinets, and then turn it up the wall a few inches so that I can w

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    Window Seal ~ Job-Site Heat ~ Bamboo Countertops ~ Durable Decking ~ New Plastic Trim ~ Deck Drainage ~ Dramatic Door ~ Hollow-Point Bit ~ Safety Plugs ~ High-R Insulation

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Countertops; kitchen faucets

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Faucets; countertops