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  • Letters

    Countertop bolts for stair rails; sound control; more

  • On the Job

    Roof-pitch jig; lumber-hanging trick; skyhooked

  • Moving an Electrical Box

    Q: On a current kitchen remodel, my electrician placed one of the electrical boxes for the countertop outlets too low. I need to raise it about an inch to clear a stone backsplash. There's enough stripped Type NM-B cable left in the box to do this without splicing, but because the plastic sheathing...

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Solid surfacing; ventilation

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Supporting a floating stone countertop; floor warmers; cabinets

  • Tile Backsplash Tips

    If your clients are like me, they're not looking for any extra places to clean. So why suggest that they install a 3- or 4-inch-tall backsplash on their kitchen countertop?

  • New Products for Kitchen and Bath

    What we found while tromping the aisles of K/BIS 2005.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Resilient flooring; stone countertops

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Solid surfacing; bathroom ventilation

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Toilets; countertop edge treatments