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  • Letters

    Fire-sprinkler costs reconsidered; epoxy for wood rot; credit-card commiseration; a vote for country of origin

  • Letters

    Leak-free chimney; stainless steel screws and copper; subslab vapor-barrier details; credit card warning

  • Fannie Closes the Gap

    Fannie Mae is offering competitively priced debt for the affordable housing industry as it mulls a return to the taxexempt bond credit-enhancement market.

  • Cradle to Grave: Freddie Mac Opens the Warehouse, Keeps Defaults Down

    Freddie Mac is focusing on both the beginning and end of a loan’s life cycle to help lenders and borrowers get through the credit crisis.

  • Credit Crunch Busters

    When 2008 began, multifamily professionals were hopeful the credit crunch, which started in mid-2007, was beginning to turn around.

  • Banks Step Back

    Commercial banks have scaled back balance-sheet lending in the second quarter of 2008, while steering customers to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac permanent loan programs.

  • Swap Meet

    It may not be the only game in town, but Freddie Mac’s swap product is the most compelling thing in the market these days for developers using tax-exempt bonds to fund their projects.

  • Lower Prices, Higher Barriers

    Freddie Mac is lowering its pricing even as its credit standards grow more conservative in the first half of 2008.

  • Credit Standards Tighten

    Fannie Mae is processing deals hand over fist this year even as it makes significant adjustments to its credit standards.

  • Yesterday’s Subprime Homeowner, Today’s Subprime Renter?

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.