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  • Personal Guaranty of Business Debt

    Most credit applications contain a personal guaranty. In this one, it's clearly spelled out in item No. 4, but in some cases it's buried in a longer document and written in language that makes it hard for the applicant to understand just what he's agreeing to.

  • Business

    Moving the schedule from paper to the computer; taking credit cards; protecting against plywood and lumber price spikes

  • Computers: Spies, Lies, and Staying Safe Online

    Protecting your PC from spyware

  • Good Will Hunting

    Wall Street, says Ivy Zellman of Credit Suisse, doesn't like good will. "Companies that buy other companies today and show good will are being penalized," says Zellman, adding that she'd rather see public builders take a more conservative approach and maximize their return on capital.

  • Legal Adviser: Making Sure You Get Paid

    Making sure you get paid

  • Accrual Accounting

    Accrual accounting gives you a much more accurate picture of your day-to-day finances than cash accounting. Here’s how to set up a popular accounting program to track payables and receivables and provide the reports you need to track your company’s financial health.

  • Q&A: Shear Strength of Gypboard

    Q: I’ve heard that engineers give no structural "credit" to gypboard, but I know it greatly stiffens partitions when I nail it up. How much shear strength does drywall really have, and why not credit it in the design?

  • Strictly Business: Open a Line of Credit at Your Bank

    Opening a line of credit

  • Business Forum: Tips for Year-End Tax Savings

    Year-end tax tips

  • Preparing for Lean Times

    Your chances of surviving a construction slowdown are better if you're not going it alone. A California contractor explains how long-term business relationships have helped his company pull through.