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More stories about Daylighting

  • New Issue of Implications on Daylighting

    InformeDesign has released a new issue of its monthly newsletter, Implications. The current issue focuses on daylighting, and is authored by Dr. Michael Kroelinger, director of and professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. For more information go to,

  • Fluorescent

    Bulbrite's new CFL

  • Lillis Business Complex at the University of Oregon

    Some projects announce themselves with great fanfare, and others quietly take their place letting the architecture do the talking. Such is the case with the Lillis Business Complex at the University of Oregon in Eugene. What started off as a renovation and addition project for an existing business...



  • LightHawk

    LightHawk, a wall-switch occupancy sensor product line, is available in a variety of models?passive infrared, ultrasonic, and multi-technology?for occupancy detection and false trip immunity. The devices feature selectable operating modes, including automatic on/off or manual on/automatic off, and...

  • A Lesson In Daylighting

    As sustainability and energy efficiency have come to occupy an ever-greater role in mainstream architecture, no building type has embraced these principles more than schools.

  • Behind the Scenes: Lighting Research

    despite persistent funding concerns, two u.s. research facilities continue to discover new and improved practices for the lighting industry. The Lighting Research Center (LRC), located in Troy, New York, and part of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's School of Architecture, is devoted solely to...

  • Planning for Daylight

    Somewhere at the beginning of the design process, the first question invariably asked by the client of the daylighting consultant is 'What is it that you do anyway?'

  • Shades and Screens

    Shades and Screens is a new collection of PVC-free decorative textiles designed to be used as window treatments, privacy screens, or interior space dividers. The textiles are offered in three widths-78, 106, and 118 inches-and can be hung vertically or horizontally. Seven patterns and a variety of...

  • Miro-daylight

    This anodized aluminum strip has a highly reflective surface for an optimal distribution of daylight. Total reflection of visible light for anodized surfaces is generally about 87 percent, but is increased to approximately 95 percent with the Miro reflection-enhancing layer. Offered in different...